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Airbeem empowers you to deliver your content to your audience. Globally.

Airbeem delivers an affordable end to end, direct to consumer online video platform which combines stunning live and On Demand video with cutting edge interactive features to deliver personalised, OTT experiences to every screen imaginable. We empower you to seamlessly, manage, curate, deliver, measure, monetise and optimise your content and deliver it directly to viewers.

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Airbeem delivers an affordable end to end OTT video platform to premium content owners and broadcasters. Fully productised, we enable you to take your video content direct to your viewers, quickly and affordably. Our white label video services and templated front end (which is customisable in real time) can be deployed for content delivery across a wide range of device types and is supported by powerful video analytics that enable deep customer insights. With the capability to support SVOD, AVOD and TVOD models built into the interface, the Airbeem platform gives you everything you need to deliver your content to your viewers at a pace and a cost that works for you.


Our OTT video platform enables you to optimise your business model and align it with the right content to drive audience engagement and velocity. This means that you can deliver an immersive video experience to your viewers, accelerating your time to value and enabling you to grow the lifetime value of your consumers at a rate that suits both your business and your audience.

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Our platform has the flexibility to support all OTT video commerce models – SVOD, AVOD and TVOD – built in, meaning that you can mix and match the monetisation models that suit your video content and your audience. In addition, support for live streaming and live events means you can deliver linear TV channels or one-off live pay-per-view-type events to your viewers via a range of connected devices and providers such as Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Roku and more. Payment gateways are fully integrated into the platform and UI, so there is no need for your viewers to leave the experience in order to pay for content, removing barriers to entry for your audience and increasing your commercial velocity.



Understanding your audience is as important as having content that attracts them, which is why our platform delivers value-based insights that report on viewer behaviour, playback experience and the commercial performance of your video streaming, online or TV content. These reports are designed to provide you with actionable, value-oriented data that gives you the ability to refine and improve your offering while providing your users with an improved viewing experience, enabling you to reduce the threat of churn and enrich the lifetime value of your viewers.

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The Airbeem platform delivers an intuitive, modern, templated, white label UI that can be deployed across a huge range of OTT platforms and device types (mobile, tablet, web, console, smart TV, streaming media devices and set top boxes), giving you the ability to fine-tune the look and feel of almost every aspect of your service, on every device you deploy to, in real time. That means no time and cost consuming app rebuilds or redeployments, as changes are reflected immediately upon app relaunch, ensuring you can be proactive and responsive in meeting and exceeding your audience’s expectations.

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Discover Airbeem

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