3 Reasons Why A Good User Experience Is Critical To A Video Service’s Success

Miles Weaver
Miles Weaver Marketing Director

In an increasingly competitive industry, where user expectations are higher than they ever have been, having a good user experience is imperative. With so much of the technology that drives a video platform effectively invisible to users, the user experience becomes their primary method of assessing a service’s quality. Let’s look at three key reasons why a good UX is more important than ever:


It Defines How Your Audience Interacts With Your Brand

You wouldn’t want blurred imagery, inconsistent labelling, ugly design or bad navigational paradigms to ruin your business’ website, but such design faux pas’ have been seen degrading the quality of video services in the past. Particularly when it comes to navigation, video services have a habit of creating unintuitive, clunky navigational paradigms that make it difficult for their viewers to move around their site. This affects how they perceive and feel about your service and brand, because it is the most visible and frequent point of contact that they have with you. If that touchpoint causes repeated irritation due to an unpleasant experience, it is going to affect how they view you in the long run, and makes engendering user loyalty increasingly difficult.


It Will Affect Your Ability To Monetise Content

A bad user experience can have extremely negative effects on your ability to monetise your catalogue. Is your content difficult to find? Is the sign up or content purchasing experience too lengthy and cumbersome? Does search perform intuitively? Do you have a consistent interface across all your devices? All of this affects how easily users will be able to find and access your content, and if they can’t do that in as efficient and frictionless a-way as possible, they will probably go elsewhere for it, meaning the investments you’ve made in your library are going to waste.


It’s The Primary Reason For Churn

In a study commissioned by Paywizard earlier this year, 84% of surveyed users said that they would cancel their pay-TV service if a provider lets them down on the customer experience, and 46% said that they have remained loyal to their provider because of a positive customer experience. This follows on from the other two points, but it cannot be over-emphasised. If you want users to stay with you, and if you want to reduce your levels of churn, you need a good user experience that performs well across every device you deploy on. You need something that is tailored to your viewers and how they consume your content so their experience of your service and content is enjoyable, frictionless and pleasing.

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Miles Weaver

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Miles Weaver Marketing Director
April 30, 2019

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