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Miles Weaver
Miles Weaver Marketing Director

In a previous entry on this blog we looked at some of the ways that that the user experience can dictate the success of an online video service. In a related follow up to that, today let’s delve into how Airbeem helps mid-market content owners and broadcasters tackle the challenge of deploying a compelling, responsive user experience without breaking the budget on custom designs and builds.

The first thing that makes our solution more affordable and responsive to quick changes, is that it is templated and fully-white label. Designed and built by our in house experts, our UI templates are designed for customisablility and responsivity, while checking all the boxes when it comes to navigation, visual design and interaction best practices. Utilising the Airbeem Dashboard, our customers can tailor page layout, colours, logos and imagery enabling the creation of a unique, on-brand experience that delivers exactly the right kind of look and feel quickly and affordably.

The Airbeem Dashboard enables more than just visual tweaks though, as this powerful tool delivers the ability to edit the navigation structure of the experience on a device level, ensuring that our customers can deliver the right kind of experience for their viewers no matter which device they’re using. Do viewers on mobile apps watch more short form content? Then the Airbeem Dashboard can be used to put that content front and centre on mobile only, ensuring that viewers can get to what they want in as frictionless a manner as possible.

Additionally, customising a UI experience through the Airbeem Dashboard is as simple as making the changes and committing them – no app rebuilds, redeployments and resubmissions. When the app is relaunched by the user, changes will be reflected in real time. This drastically increases the speed of responsivity of the service, as our customers can react to changes that they see emerging in their audience behaviour incredibly quickly. New offers or promotions can be tested and deployed, new carousels or hero content items can be pushed to spotlight the right kind of content, making day-to-day operations a breeze for even the nimblest of teams, and ensuring that customer UI expectations can continually be met and exceeded.

Airbeem’s productised experience delivers a user interface that is customisable, responsive to change and easy to manage, enabling teams to create unique video experiences that adhere to all best practices without having to break the bank. No messy coding is involved when using the Airbeem Dashboard, ensuring UI harmony can be maintained even when responding quickly to changes in user behaviour or feedback on how to improve the customer journey to discover content.

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Miles Weaver

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Miles Weaver Marketing Director
April 30, 2019

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