Appealing To The Hyperconnected Viewer

Miles Weaver
Miles Weaver Marketing Director

A term that was originally mentioned a few years ago has been gaining traction throughout the video tech space in recent times – hyperconnectivity. The hyperconnected user spends a significant portion of their time online, regardless of device (though of course, it heavily skews towards mobile), consuming content, engaging with social media and communicating with friends.

The hyperconnected user is less defined by by traditional demographic markers like age, income or geography, but by behaviour, specifically their digital behaviour. These users, well versed as they are in their use of technology, seek to largely strip superfluous actions from their experience, instead focusing on getting to the content the seek as efficiently as is possible.

This presents a challenge to the services that these users get almost the entirety of their video content from, cord native as they are. While hyperconnected viewers will be no means by the majority of a service’s user base, they are likely to make up a significant portion of the its most frequent and heavy users, as their viewing is almost entirely digitally native. They are more likely to binge than other users, consume content on multiple different devices (sometimes simultaneously) and expect more in terms of quality and efficiency of service given their heavy use. Pleasing them can be difficult.

However, hyperconnected users are more likely to evangelise services or content that surprises or pleases them, and their level of engagement on social media makes them extremely worthwhile allies in promoting you organically. The trick to making things work for them is in delivering an experience that feels dynamic, fluid and mobile. Clunkiness (ugly animations, slow response times to interactions, inarticulate design languages or poor playback experiences) is an immediate turnoff. They want to feel like they’re at the centre of the experience, so when they reach out for content, the right kind of content has to come back to them, be it via search, recommendations or other discovery methods. They are willing to give a lot, not just monetarily but also in terms of data, but in return they expect a return on their investment.

Difficult as they can be to please, the hyperconnected user is not going away any time soon. Their numbers are only likely to grow as younger generations age and reach points of purchasing power themselves. Services don’t need to overhaul every aspect of themselves to please them, but these users are closer to the cutting edge of interaction than other demographics, so the things that please them now will stand a greater chance of becoming mainstream behaviours into the future. As a result, developing aspects of a service that answer the concerns of such a demanding user base can have beneficial effects in the long run.

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Miles Weaver

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Miles Weaver Marketing Director
April 30, 2019

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