The Airbeem Dashboard empowers you to create the kind of OTT video service you want, enabling you to customise your UI across all your devices. Built so that you can easily deploy updates across your device ecosystem, the Airbeem Dashboard enables you to adapt to changes in viewer behaviour quickly and with minimal effort.

Make it yours

Page layout, colours, logos, imagery and navigation are fully customisable to ensure that the true character of your brand and OTT service shine through and your customers receive the best possible experience.

Optimised for every device

You can customise the navigation and look and feel for each device type you’re deployed on in real time, meaning that your you can tailor your video service and content to perform at its absolute best on whichever device your customers are using.

Responsive and proactive

Changes made in the Dashboard are reflected as soon as an app is restarted, so you can react quickly to customer behaviour, deploy new items, offers or promotions easily and save on time and cost by eschewing app store resubmissions.


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