DAZN Shows The Real Value Of Online Video Content

Miles Weaver
Miles Weaver Marketing Director

News came out this week that DAZN has announced a five year global deal with boxer Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions, as the streaming platform takes a further step forward in disrupting the sports rights space. The partnership will also see Golden Boy Promotions hold up to ten fight nights a year that DAZN will stream live and exclusively from early 2019, along with hosting other video content.

DAZN’s promise was to revolutionise the way fans watch sports, and in the territories where they are available the argument can be convincingly made that they are doing just that. Their offering is broad enough to really take a hammer to the existing models of sports distribution, particularly helping to herald the death of pay-per-view, which has largely been dependent on boxing and MMA for its major revenue sources in the past several years.

The approach DAZN has taken, while on a scale way above and beyond what anybody initially expected could be achieved by a streaming platform in the sports rights space, does provide a helpful template for other sports rights holders that might be worried about the risks of delivering their video content online. Fans are already there, and in many cases, they’re waiting to get their hands on everything that their favourite teams, federations, personalities or organisations have.

As an example, in addition to the live and exclusive fights that DAZN will be showing on its platform, Oscar De La Hoya’s library of fights from across his careers as both a boxer and promoter, clocking in at 7,000 hours, will also be available. These are assets that fans of the sport will be eager to pour over and delve into, but that would rarely see the light of day if crammed into traditional programming schedules.

An online video service is not just a place to screen new or popular content, but a place to present much of your library to your fans in a way that ensures they can gorge on as much of it as they care to, giving new life to old video content and monetising what would have previously been gathering digital dust.

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Miles Weaver

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Miles Weaver Marketing Director
April 30, 2019

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