How Streaming Services are Saving Entire Genres of Content

Miles Weaver
Miles Weaver Marketing Director

In the last couple of years genre specific content has managed to truly come of age, with many services launching and proceeding to go from strength to strength in terms of features, audience and revenue growth, with direct to consumer streaming services offering huge increases in how easy it is for content owners to get their content to viewers in a wider range of geographic markets.

One good example of this is how the Japanese anime market has grown recently, earning $19.1billion in 2017, which was the fifth consecutive year of record revenues for the market. This has been driven largely by growth outside of Japan, with content deals with massive streaming services likes Netflix and Amazon, as well as several Chinese online video services helping to triple overseas sales in the last four years.

One cannot also overlook the importance of services like Crunchyroll, which has helped drive international interest in many smaller anime properties and helped expose them to a wider audience, in turn raising their value globally and providing content owners with new options for distribution.

Combined, Crunchyroll and the larger streaming services have helped revitalise an industry that was struggling domestically, given Japan’s aging society and slowing population growth, making it difficult to market anime content to the younger audiences that are its primary consumers. International distribution on streaming services has mitigated much of that damage, however.

It is clear that direct to consumer streaming services have enabled niche genres to find new routes with which to reach audiences and increase their reach, but it has also given more well known, though less mainstream types of content, like anime, a route through which it can mitigate the churns rates of existing audiences when there are mitigating factors that it cannot control for. And it brings exciting, culturally important content to a wider, global audience. Everybody wins!

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Miles Weaver

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Miles Weaver Marketing Director
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