The Importance of Having a Reliable Technology Partner

Miles Weaver
Miles Weaver Marketing Director

It’s Monday, so let’s continue our exploration of the theme of Launch, Grow and Evolve that we have been looking at on this blog over the past few weeks. We’ve discussed the steps that OTT service operators should consider deploying when launching a platform, growing that platform and evolving the functionality of the platform for long term success. During these articles, we have mentioned in passing, but not really looked into in any depth, the role of your technology partner. It cannot be overstated, how critical to the long term quality of your platform the level of reliability and accessibility that your technology partner provides. There are a number of key aspects that OTT service providers need to consider when assessing and choosing their technology partner.

It’s important, first of all, to consider how your tech vendor will grow with you. Just as your service is aiming to grow and evolve into something that is a long term success, you should expect the same from whoever is helping you to power that service – they need to continue deploying new features and functionality that will help you engage your viewers on an ongoing basis. Similarly, there needs to be alignment between them and you from a roadmap perspective – you need to be sure that what they’re intending to deploy over time will deliver things that will help you meet your business goals. Obviously you cannot dominate the entire product roadmap, but should you be able to feed into it with your own requirements? Absolutely.

The roadmap is a useful item where we can illustrate the importance of having a collaborative relationship with your technology provider, but it really cannot be overstated. When selecting your provider, you need surety that they are not going to just deploy the initial platform for you and then disappear, leaving you to run and manage every aspect. We at Airbeem consider our platform to be ‘OTT as a service’, with continuing functionality and improvements being deployed regularly, and we work hand in hand with you to further refine your functionality over time.

It’s important, as a result, that you have complete transparency with your technology provider on everything from cost to roadmap to new feature deployments. If your service is going to be competitive with the rest of the industry you need to be able to work closely with your tech vendor – and should be able to do so from day one – with a relationship that is built on a shared, vested interest in your success. The relationship should reliable and responsive, so that you’re able to address your challenges in a timely manner without ever having to take your eye off of where you’re going in your process of launching, growing and evolving your OTT service.

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Miles Weaver

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Miles Weaver Marketing Director
April 30, 2019

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