The Increase In Online Viewing Continues

Miles Weaver
Miles Weaver Marketing Director

A new report from IHS Markit has shown that in 2017 the five leading European markets (UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy) all saw declines in linear viewing, as well as stagnation or declines in time-shifted content consumption. Meanwhile, the amount of time spent consuming online content of all kinds (long and short form) increased across the board.

With short-form content (content that is less than 15 minutes in length), viewers have added an extra 10 minutes a day to their existing consumption habits, while long-form has seen an addition of eight minutes per viewer per day. Overall, long form consumption grew 21% year on year, with SVOD OTT services making up 74% of viewing time (up from 69% in 2016).

Rob Moyser, TV and online video analyst at IHS Markit commented in the study, “The shift to OTT consumption signals the need for pay-TV operators to act quickly, in order to retain their foothold in the market. Leading operators are already enhancing their current propositions and embracing OTT, to ensure they capture some of the time spent on other devices and services, so they can stay at the forefront of consumers’ minds.”

The study is another confirmation of the predictions of the late 00s/early 10s, that a majority of viewers would prioritise OTT viewing over traditional, linear methods by the end of this decade. The last couple of years especially have seen that trend become a behavioural shift in the mainstream. Earlier studies that we’ve looked at have even shown that the oldest demographics are moving away from linear viewing towards On Demand.

The UK leads in the amount of time spent viewing non-linear content, though France, Germany, Italy and Spain are not far behind. The acceptance of online viewing has swept across western Europe in the last couple of years, as seen here, but it has also led the way for an upswing in the proliferation of OTT services in central and eastern European markets as well, encouraging audiences across the entire continent to engage with online viewing on their preferred devices of choice.

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Miles Weaver Marketing Director
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