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Miles Weaver
Miles Weaver Marketing Director

What is Actionable Commerce?

Airbeem has joined forces with MPP Global, the commerce engine that drives the phenomenally successful NOW TV service, to deliver a range of OTT technologies that is collectively referred to as Actionable Commerce.

Steve Hardman, CEO of Airbeem explains “when operators launch an online video service, they are usually fixated with how many device their service will be delivered through and what the features are within the applications. But this fixation tends to abruptly end the moment their service goes live, at which point their focus switches to customer acquisition and retention.”

A highly successful OTT service will invariably have beautifully curated content in order to attract and retain customers. So too will any successful OTT service have a carefully considered set of marketing flows and commercial offers to also acquire and retain customers.

In this day and age of online video delivery, it is simply not sufficient to treat these marketing flows and commercial offers as an afterthought – bolting them on later will be an exercise of extreme frustration. As an operator, you need these elements fully integrated into your tech stack from day one so it all works in harmony.

So what are these marketing flows and commercial offers? Just think of your customer lifetime as a sequence of commercial touch points:  

  • To begin, you need marketing tools to target segments (vouchers, discounts, free trials) through pathways to your service (custom user paths and landing pages).
  • Then you’ll need to make targeted commercial offers to the specific segments in order for them to sign up; day pass, pay per video view, pay per minute viewed, weekly, monthly, annual subscriptions, skinny bundles and even physical gifts, plus affiliate marketing where 3rd parties get rewarded for sending subscribers.
  • Once signed up you’ll need to customise the experience to the unique users so they are presented content that makes sense to them (dynamic content presentation, recommended content, new content alerts)
  • Throughout their lifetime, you’ll have upgrade or extended offers to enhance revenue potential per customer (upgrade from weekly to monthly or yearly subscriptions and even gifting subscriptions to friends).
  • Eventually, should your customers cancel their subscriptions, you’ll want to a carefully choreographed cancellation flow that asks why they are leaving and presents various offers in order for them to reconsider and stay.

As these commercial touch points occur, you’re collecting vast amount of valuable data that is processed into understandable insights which enable you to make key decisions on how to improve your marketing flows and commercial offers. A virtuous cycle of incremental improvement.

Airbeem’s Actionable Commerce empowers OTT service operators to do all of the above, all without having to talk to a developer. That’s right, we give you the tools to drive your service in the way that works for you, to optimise your customer acquisition and retention.

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Miles Weaver Marketing Director
April 30, 2019

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