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Miles Weaver
Miles Weaver Marketing Director

In the past several blog posts, we’ve been looking at the the disruptions that direct to consumer (D2C) OTT offerings are causing in the broadcast marketplace. We are seeing more and more content owners making the move to reach their audience directly, encouraged by trends like affordable and easily deployable technology, viewers increasingly moving curating their own On Demand content diets, and the opportunity on the part of content owners and broadcasters to own a larger share of their audience (something not as easily doable on aggregated services).

To this end, we feel it is worth exploring how Airbeem’s solution enables mid-market content owners and broadcasters to deploy their own D2C service and reach their audience directly. Airbeem’s view is that we should enable our clients to deploy or revamp their own OTT service rapidly and at low cost, with minimal disruption to existing workflows. We enable multi-region solutions with a large device footprint, with rollout timelines in the weeks, not months, while our SaaS based model enables customers to grow their service at a rate they’re comfortable with and can sustain.

Our platform enables customers to deploy a range of commerce models so that they can effectively monetise their content, covering SVOD, AVOD and TVOD, as well as live streaming and live events . As a result, users won’t need to leave the our experience to fully engage with a service to pay for content, enabling velocity in customer acquisition. This is backed by a rich, audience-centric analytics package that reports on playback quality and experience, user journeys through the platform, and the how assets are performing commercially. The reports generated are focused on delivering actionable knowledge and value from the data, so that our customers can respond to user behaviour in a way that continues to improve their service and their experience.

We also pride ourselves on delivering a great user experience that makes it easy for end viewers find, discover and engage with content, so our white label, templated front end apps can be fully customised by our powerful UI dashboard, enabling our customers brands to shine through. All this can be done in real-time, negating time consuming and costly app rebuilds and redeployments – changes will be visible on app restart, ensuring that our customers can deliver a user experience that is fast, flexible and responsive to their audience’s behaviour.

The platform has been designed with the needs of our customers at its centre. We don’t deliver a service and then leave them to manage and run it, delivering something that is cutting edge in the present but will require extensive and expensive updates to keep it competitive over time. We pride ourselves on remaining continually engaged with our customers, delivering a platform will continue to evolve and grow over time, adding new features, functionality, partners and services, all of which they will benefit from as we continue to work and grow together.

Our platform, being a fully end to end, out of the box service is built to be flexible and responsive to trends. As it is built in a modular fashion, we are able to deliver upgrades on a feature by feature basis, enabling our customers to embrace where their audience is going and deliver user-centric features in a proactive, anticipatory fashion. This enables them to more effectively address the challenge of churn amongst their user base, as they’re able to deliver features viewers want when they want them, rather than 6 months later. Combined with the analytics that are built into the service, our customers can respond to both micro and macro trends in rapid fashion.

We understand the needs of mid-market content owners and broadcasters and have delivered a platform built to deliver on the challenges they face and the business goals they have. At the same time, it is packed with tier 1 features that can be deployed in a rapid fashion, enabling them to reach and engage with their viewers quickly, increase revenue and keep churn low with a platform that will grow with them into the future.

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Miles Weaver

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Miles Weaver Marketing Director
April 30, 2019

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