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Miles Weaver
Miles Weaver Marketing Director

Walking the floors of IBC this past month, it became very clear that ‘end-to-end’ is a buzzword that is very much back in vogue. From large platform providers through to smaller start-ups, it was surprising to see how many different companies were describing themselves as providing something akin to the total package. From ‘Complete OTT Platforms’ and ‘Simplified OTT workflows’ to ‘Out of the Box Video Solutions’ to ‘All Your Content On Every Device’, end-to-end solutions were most definitely the flavour du jour.

Let’s look past the sloganeering though, and scratch beneath the surface. As we’ve discussed previously with regards to technology and user experience, audiences don’t care all that much about the technology and how it works as long as the experience of using it (that is, through the UX) is good. Similarly, for content owners or broadcasters that are looking at potential vendors, something being end-to-end isn’t inherently good. It certainly describes a level of simplicity in having a single vendor provide everything you need, but if there are so many different outlets saying that they offer that capability, then such simplicity isn’t in and of itself a unique benefit. What can a platform offer with an end-to-end solution that makes it more than just a one stop shop? If everything is integrated and designed to work beautifully together, what unique advantages does it provide?

At Airbeem, we believe that while having an end-to-end solution is one thing, it’s what we enable our customers to do with it that makes it special. Because our backend and frontend are designed to work together seamlessly (straight out of the box) we’re able to give additional focus to unique capabilities that enable our customers to drive value from their content above and beyond what would be possible with a more piecemeal approach, or ‘end-to-end is the unique bit’ solution. It’s something we’ve spotlit previously, but by using our integrated analytics, commerce options and customisable UI dashboard, our customers use value driven data to customise their platform in ways that answer demonstrable user behaviours and commercial concerns.

So rather than our end-to-end approach being the unique aspect of the platform, it actually becomes an enabler for more powerful features. End-to-end isn’t our selling point, it’s our starting point.

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Miles Weaver

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Miles Weaver Marketing Director
April 30, 2019

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