Our OTT (Over The Top) video platform delivers a full end to end experience with a SaaS based revenue model for video on demand, linear content and more. This means minimal set up fees, enabling you to deliver a direct to consumer solution without prohibitively expensive up-front costs.


The Airbeem Dashboard empowers you to create the kind of OTT video service you want, enabling you to customise your UI across all your devices. Built so that you can easily deploy updates across your device ecosystem, the Airbeem Dashboard enables you to adapt to changes in viewer behaviour quickly and with minimal effort.

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Our video analytics platform gives you the ability to understand viewer behaviour with easy to digest reports that analyse key metrics of your OTT video service, such as churn rate, commercial performance, lifetime engagement and more, ensuring you can understand how your audience engages with your service, and why.

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Our platform has all the OTT commerce models you might need built in, so you can ensure that your monetisation model suits your video content and your audience. You can even deploy multiple models within the same service, for example having premium content behind a subscription paywall, while enticing non-subscribers with ad-funded content.

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Content Types

Like our commercial models, content owners can mix and match video content types to ensure that your service delivers the most compelling OTT content experience possible to your users. Leverage a combination of content types, including Pay Per View, subscription video (SVOD), linear streaming and live events to deliver your content in a fashion that most appeals to your viewers.

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Device Footprint

The Airbeem platform enables the rapid deployment of new device apps across a wide range of different device types (including web, mobile, tablet, smart TVs, game consoles, streaming media devices and set top boxes), so you can reach your audience no matter where they’re viewing your video content.

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Online Video Platform

We’ve partnered with the best backend providers in the business to provide everything you need to create an efficient video workflow. So your team can stop worrying about the tools they need and what systems they must integrate together, and simply focus on delivering your video content to your viewers.

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