Three Things to Consider when Launching an OTT Service

Miles Weaver
Miles Weaver Marketing Director

When launching a direct to consumer OTT service, there are a number of aspects to consider that can make your new service a success. Let’s look at three of the key big ticket issues:

  1. Content

Content is the most important aspect of any OTT service. The technology that powers it is a key part, but success is made or unmade by the quality and range of the content. Viewers are fundamentally attracted to an OTT service by the content that’s on offer, and passionate fans will flock there if the range of content suits their tastes. So when you consider launching an OTT service, the content is the first thing that needs to be in place.

But users are fickle, and we know that they tend to adopt and use video services in much the same was as mobile apps – try, use and get rid of quickly if it doesn’t draw them in. As a result, at least a decent sized chunk of the content on an OTT service needs to be original, and exclusive. If they can get it elsewhere, in many cases they will, and for a new service that means they won’t sign up to bother giving it a try. So the content needs to be there, but it also needs to (at least in some part) be content that they can’t get elsewhere. They need a reason to visit and engage, and having good quality, exclusive content is arguably the single biggest driver in that.


  1. Audience

So you’ve got your content, and you know there’s an audience willing to watch and pay for it. But how do you keep them? Before you launch an OTT service, you need to know how you’re going to attract and then keep an audience, and while a lot of people focus on the attraction, it is also extremely important to have a plan for retention as well. The big thing that a direct to consumer OTT service can offer, that isn’t possible by hosting your content with a third party service, is in the proximity it gives you to the viewer. They are getting their content from you directly, and thus giving you their engagement data as well.

So OTT service providers have to make use of this direct relationship in order to leverage a competitive advantage. A solid analytics package provides this, and enables you to tailor your experience in order to better answer the needs of your viewers, thus keeping them happy and engaged with your OTT service.


  1. Go To Market

Assuming all of the above is good and ready, you need to get your service to market quickly. In most circumstances, genre specific content owners do not have the time or capability to manage the rollout of a new OTT service by themselves, so they don’t want to be too heavily involved in the technicalities of launching it. At Airbeem, we believe very much in having a low impact, straight out of the box solution that is quick (within 60 days) and easy to launch.

This means that for OTT services that want to get to market quickly, with a compelling offering that leaves them room for scope, they can do just that, enabling them to engage and reach their customer base as fast as possible. This is particularly important when an engaged audience is aware that content is soon to be available.


With these three things in place and accounted for, we feel that services will be well placed to make a success of the launch of their new direct to consumer video streaming service.

Next week, we’ll look at some of the finer points when it comes to the next stage in a services lifecycle, post-launch – growth.

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Miles Weaver

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Miles Weaver Marketing Director
April 30, 2019

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