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Miles Weaver
Miles Weaver Marketing Director

With IBC looming on the horizon, it’s worth summarising some of the (many) facets of the Airbeem solution that we’ve discussed on this blog over the past several weeks. Most recently, we looked at the value of having an integrated video platform. It’s one thing to have killer features, but unless these features are properly integrated so that they work and benefit one another and the service as a whole, their effectiveness will never hit their true potential.

At Airbeem, our platform has been built from the ground up so that our key features leverage one another to create a unified experience. Of particular note is our ‘triad’, a combination of customisable UI, integrated commerce and rich analytics. Combining the three, we’re able to create a platform that reports on user behaviour and commercial performance with analytics, and then gives the ability to respond to that knowledge in real time with customisation options.

For example, if your analytics are showing that you have engaged viewers who watch a lot of content, but that the conversion process from visitor to subscriber is sluggish, you need to do something to respond to that. Without an integrated set of features, acting on this knowledge might be difficult, as you would need to create a new SOW for your technology partners to make the necessary changes. Not so with our platform. With Airbeem you have a number of ways to respond. You could tweak the UI to make the journey towards sign up more intuitive and natural for visitors by using our UI Dashboard, but you can also make changes to your commercial model. To entice viewers, you could make some of your premium content available for free, or as AVOD, to give potential subscribers a taste of your service, while still monetising that content with ads as well. You aren’t locked into one model with Airbeem, you can mix and match your monetisation models to deliver the most compelling offering to your viewers.

This way, some of our key features can be utilised to enhance and benefit one another and the service as a whole, and do so in a way that gives you the control you want over your service. You can be proactive in addressing viewer behaviour and change, and create an immersive video experience that evolves and grows with them over time, keeping the service fresh, engaging and delivering on their expectations throughout the lifetime of their subscription.

We have expanded on this topic further in a vision paper we have written in conjunction with VideoNet, which details the rise of direct to consumer video and how the Airbeem platform enables content owners and businesses to take advantage of it. Download it here.

We will also be attending IBC this year, for meetings and demos, so if you’d like to meet with us to find out more, get in touch.

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Miles Weaver

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Miles Weaver Marketing Director
April 30, 2019

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